I Filled Out Your Free Evaluation Form. Now What Happens?

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you recently filled out a free evaluation form on DrugJustice.com. You’re probably wondering why we ask for certain things, such as your phone number or ZIP code. More importantly, what happens now that you’ve submitted your information? We’ll explain the whole process to you in our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: We Use Your ZIP Code to Match You With The Closest Attorney That’s Available To Help You

A lot of people worry about entering their personal information into online forms. However, there’s a good reason for every question we ask – and we can’t complete your free evaluation without it. We need to know your ZIP code so we can find the nearest lawyer that handles cases similar to yours. Once we find a good match, we email you that law firm’s contact information immediately. (If you don’t see an email from us after filling out this form, be sure to check your Junk or Spam folders!) Once you find that email, we suggest you move it into your Inbox and mark us as a Safe Sender. You can also print a copy to keep handy, since it lists the lawyer’s phone number and physical office address.

Step 2: The Attorney Calls You Within One Business Day

Many people fill out free evaluation forms online late at night, on weekends or after business hours. Then, they worry when they don’t immediately hear back from anyone. We want to reassure you that your free evaluation includes more than just that short online form! Once their office opens again, your matched attorney reviews all your information. Then, they pick up the phone and call you to discuss your claim. So, if you complete your free evaluation at 10 p.m. Friday, expect a call the following Monday during business hours. (Unless it’s a federal holiday, of course.) If the phone rings and it’s a number you don’t recognize, please pick up! It’s likely your matched attorney trying to contact you about your case.

Step 3: Explain Your Current Situation & Schedule Your Face-to-Face Appointment

Your matched attorney needs to confirm everything you entered on your free evaluation form. This usually involves whatever you typed in the “description” field regarding your drug or device-related injury. Explaining what happened to you is often easier when you’re able to talk with someone and answer any relevant questions. This free, no-obligation phone conversation is necessary to determine whether or not you have a valid claim. You cannot qualify for a cash settlement without completing this important step. Before your phone call ends, you can decide whether to schedule an in-person appointment or not. If you’re not ready to move forward with your claim at this time, that’s fine. You can change your mind at any time, and aren’t obligated to use your matched lawyer. If so, then this step is where your free evaluation officially ends.

Step 4: Meet Your Matched Attorney To Complete Your Free Evaluation In Person

During your phone call, the attorney should give you a list of documents and records to bring. Gather those first so you can arrive at your appointment prepared to review those important items. You don’t need to get all dressed up for this meeting, by the way. But if it makes you more comfortable, whatever you’d normally wear to church or a job interview should work. Once you’ve reviewed everything together and gone over your options, it’s time to make your decision. Is this the right person to handle your claim? If not, do you want to try and find someone else — or stop the process here? Regardless of what you decide, you won’t owe any money at this time.

Step 5: Sign Relevant Paperwork to Let This Attorney Handle Your Case

Your matched attorney provides paperwork to read and sign once you decide it’s time to move forward. These forms typically include a standard fee agreement, contract to retain legal services and other related paperwork. This is also a great time to ask about filing deadlines and next steps to prepare your claim. Most people filing defective medical device or drug injury claims never have to testify or even appear in court. That’s because drug and device manufacturers often prefer to settle, since it saves them time and money.

Once you reach this stage, your free evaluation process is complete. If you don’t receive a cash settlement, you owe the lawyer $0 for helping with your claim.  And if your case does win, the lawyer who helped you gets a one-time fee payment. This payment amount won’t be a surprise, because you signed all the paperwork explaining how it works beforehand.

Looking For An Experienced Lawyer Near You? Get Your Free Evaluation Online Now

Some people reading this may still need help finding a qualified local attorney to handle their case. If you stumbled across this page and haven’t yet filled out your free evaluation form yet, visit DrugJustice.com. Then, find the drug, medical device or product that you believe is responsible for harming you. We ask just a few short questions to ensure your situation fits the basic requirements to claim a cash settlement. The whole process takes less than two minutes to complete online and your information’s always secure. Your free evaluation gets the ball rolling, but deciding whether or not to move forward is always up to you.

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